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Selling Structured Settlement Payments Awarded through the Jones Act

One of the ways people are awarded structured settlement payments is through worker's compensation. The Jones Act is a federal statute governing maritime commerce, and allows seaman to sue their employers for negligence. Normally, the Jones Act requires employers to reimburse claimants for injuries caused on the job, even if they are caused by the slightest negligence. This is due to the fact that work related injuries can be highly situational, and can lead to:

  • Dismemberment
  • Disabilities
  • Shoulder injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Mechanical burns
  • Mesothelioma
  • Death

Medical bills are the recipient's responsibility until the court can approve reimbursement, causing additional stress. Many Jones Act claims are settled with structured settlements. However, sometimes the periodic structured settlement payments are not enough to cover life's expenses. You may be forced to sell your structured settlement payments in order to stay afloat. Structured settlement factoring companies are able to purchase structured settlement payments for cash now. Structured settlement payments are purchased through a court ordered process. Once finalized, the company can pay the lump sum directly into the bank account of the customer.

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If you are thinking about selling your structured settlement payments for a lump sum of cash, you may want to consider, among other things: wages, medical bills, permanent loss of work, therapy, and undue hardship on the family.

The following case study is a hypothetical example of a customer experience, and is only intended for illustration purposes: In 2003, James Richardson settled a claim for negligence with the Naval Hospital in Florida. He experienced a misdiagnosis, resulting in treatment for kidney stones, as opposed to the later sepsis infection diagnosis he would receive from a private hospital. As a result, he lost both of his legs and was unable to work. His settlement consisted of a structured settlement paying him $1,000.00 per month for twenty five years. The structured settlement payments were enough in the beginning, but as time went on, James was still unable to work, and the medical bills began to pile up. James's periodic payments were just not enough to keep up with his monthly expenses. That is when James called J.G. Wentworth. J.G. Wentworth was able to provide James with a lump sum of cash in exchange for a portion of his monthly payments. This allowed James to pay off his mounting medical bills, while still leaving him with a monthly income.

Overall, it is important to be particularly careful when dealing with a negligence case that ends in structured settlement payments. The monthly payment amount may not be enough to cover medical bills and loss of wages. In these times, a lump sum payment may help you get through this hard time financially.

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