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Structured Settlement Companies Guide

Selling structured settlement payments is a way for individuals to receive a lump sum of cash now. However, before you begin negotiating with a structured settlement factoring company, it is important to have some understanding of the structured settlement transfer process. The guide below is intended as an introduction to the structured settlement sales process.

Structured Settlements and Court

Insurance companies may offer you different payment options when settling a claim or lawsuit. They will usually offer you either a smaller lump sum upfront, or they will offer you a larger sum that is paid over time through a structured settlement.

It may seem like it is a better idea to take the larger amount paid through a structured settlement. However, injuries can cost thousands of dollars up front and the periodic payments from a structured settlement may not cover these costs. Access your lump sum from your structured settlement payments now.

How does the Structured Settlement Sales Process Work?

You can start the process by calling for quotes from structured settlement factoring companies (such as J.G. Wentworth). They will likely ask you for some basic information about your structured settlement and then provide a quote. Structured settlement companies compete for your business, so you may want to get quotes from several different companies.

Once you select a company to work with, you will need to sign a contract, provide necessary documents, and go before a judge for court approval of your sale. After all the necessary requirements are fulfilled, the company will either send you a check or wire the agreed upon purchase price to your account.

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How Should I Weigh My Options?

Your circumstance is unique and only you can decide if selling your structured settlement payments is right for you. Ask yourself these following questions.

  • Are my periodic structured settlement payments enough to cover my monthly expenses?
  • Do I have overdue medical bills?
  • Do I have excessive credit card debt that I cannot pay off each month?
  • How are my overall finances?
  • How will this sale impact my family?

Working with a structured settlement factoring company may make the most sense when you need a lump sum of cash sooner. Access your lump sum now.

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